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IQT Gold Level Information

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Join the Q Community Wales

Q is an initiative connecting people who have health and care improvement expertise across the UK, led by the Health Foundation and supported by 1000 Lives Improvement.

Q’s mission is to foster continuous and sustainable improvement in health and care. To achieve this, the Health Foundation is creating opportunities for people to come together and form a community - sharing ideas, enhancing skills, and collaborating to make health and care better.

The community is made of up a diverse range of people including those at the front line of health and social care, patient leaders, managers, commissioners, researchers, policymakers and others.

Q is not a taught programme, but a network of support for those already knowledgeable in undertaking improvement. There is no membership fee or minimum time commitment. Those interested in joining Q will need to demonstrate knowledge and experience of improvement and reflect on how they can benefit and contribute to the community.

Opportunities to join are currently open, apply here or find out if Q is for you with the decision tree




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